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Running Windows 3.1 in Browser!

26-January-2010 Leave a comment is coded in JavaScript and strict XHTML 1.0, with AJAX functionality provided through PHP. It has been tested for compatibility in Firefox and IE. Firefox 2 or 3 is highly recommended, but the site is almost entirely functional in IE 6, 7, or 8. Media Player does not work in IE as IE lacks the ability to dynamically instantiate <OBJECT>.

The file system is stored in SQL and is dynamic. File creation, renaming, deletion, reading, and writing can all be accomplished in real-time and with persistent results. However, for obvious reasons, visitors are not able to make changes to the file system in any way.

The goal of this site is not to create an entirely complete mirror image of Windows 3.1, but rather keep the spirit and omit features when they are not justified by an effort to usability ratio. For example, Notepad lacks a find and replace feature because it is not worth the effort. Where features do exist, every effort is made to present them in exactly the manner that they existed in Windows 3.1.

The developer has also endeavored to put plenty of features in which are not readily apparent, hopefully making the site a fun and long-lasting process of experimentation and discovery. For example, try pressing the keystroke for full screen mode in MS-DOS Prompt.

Disclaimer: The above post is extracted from Main -> Readme section of


Windows 7 Devices – Aal is whell

25-January-2010 Leave a comment

To experiment the Driver support in Windows 7 x64, I connected all possible devices at home on my AMD PC.

Windows 7 x64 - Fully Loaded with all my Devices. Behind 5 US... on Twitpic

My Devices in Windows 7 (64-Bit)

Overall all device installation went smooth, with few observations:

1) HTC Viva failed for the first time.  To fix this, I ran Check Updates manually, which installed the x64 Windows Mobile drivers.

2) Nokia 3110c installation went well, but it shows a number of devices under the Unspecified category. This reason is yet “unknown” for me.

3) The amazing part was my old Sony DCR-TRV340, which got installed within 5 seconds.  It didn’t even tried to contact Windows Updates.  This device required a separate Driver CD earlier in Windows XP.  With Windows 7 in-built Windows Video Capture program, I am able to record my Hi-8 videos without any issue. FYI –  this is hooked to Firewire(IEEE 1394) port.

4) I had purchased a Bluetooth USB Adapter (Make – “ENTER”) from Staples last year.  This device came with Trial Version of its Drivers, which troubled me a lot on Windows XP.  This device too got installed without any issues.

5) My old UMAX-5600 USB Scanner could not be installed due to unavailability of its drivers. Has anyone used this device on Windows 7?

Bottomline: Now onwards, there is no need to maintain the Driver CD’s of my Devices

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Dial/SMS 139 for Indian Railway Information

19-January-2010 Leave a comment

Finally a good news for Non-BSNL Phone Subscribers!  The Railway Information # 139, which was available so far only on BSNL network, is now extended to all types of mobile/landline/wireless local loop (WLL) service providers.  Passengers can either call or send an SMS to the number to obtain information with regard to the PNR status, availability of berths, arrival/departure of trains and train running information. As per the Railway Release notice (DNA Newspaper, Bangalore Edition, 19-Jan-2010, Page 2) , prefixing STD code is not required to call this information cell.

Service Queries?

1) Is this service Toll-Free (both calls and SMS) from all networks?

2) How reliable/real-time is this service? Does it really works from all networks.  Please leave your comments.

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Windows 7 GodMode showing 45 categories and 278 shortcuts

9-January-2010 Leave a comment

Windows 7 has an undocumented feature to create a shortcut which is named as “GodMode” by many Internet Blogs.  This feature is intended to give developers quick access to areas of the operating system.  Below are the steps to create this special shorcut:

1. On your desktop, create a new folder.
2. Name the folder as MyTools.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

Shortcut Icon created on Desktop

In my above example, the word “MyTools” can be replaced with any other text.  The result, you get the following shortcut icon on your desktop.

When clicked, it opens Windows Explorer with long list of shortcuts to almost all areas of operating system operations.   The shortcuts in this folder links to various tools, utilities and interfaces which are already available and can be found in Control Panel.  It just puts them all into one big list and categorises them. You will notice a count of 45 categories and 278 shortcuts.

Windows Explorer

Category # of Shortcuts
Action Center 15
Administrative Tools 10
AutoPlay 3
Backup and Restore 2
BitLocker Drive Encryption 2
Color Management 1
Credential Manager 1
Date and Time 4
Default Programs 2
Desktop Gadgets 6
Device Manager 1
Devices and Printers 9
Display 11
Ease of Access Center 26
Folder Options 5
Fonts 3
Getting Started 4
HomeGroup 2
Indexing Options 1
Internet Options 14
Keyboard 2
Location and Other Sensors 3
Mouse 8
Network and Sharing Center 16
Notification Area Icons 6
Parental Controls 1
Performance Information and Tools 4
Personalization 12
Phone and Modem 1
Power Options 7
Programs and Features 8
Recovery 1
Region and Language 10
RemoteApp and Desktop Connections 1
Sound 4
Speech Recognition 3
Sync Center 6
System 22
Taskbar and Start Menu 10
Troubleshooting 12
User Accounts 13
Windows CardSpace 1
Windows Defender 1
Windows Firewall 2
Windows Update 2

One can create below listed shorcut folders using the same steps described above. The below folder names are named accordingly to give you a clue as to what each one does:


On the same Windows Explorer screen, it also shows the Keyword column which contains the keywords for various programs for instant search from Start button.

View of Keyword Column

Reference: The Deployment Guys on TechNet

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Google Chrome shows different Google Logo

5-January-2010 Leave a comment

Did you notice that Google picks up a different logo based on the Browser you are using!  Accessing from Google Chrome, gives this logo (PNG File):

Google Logo when accessed from Google Chrome Browser

The same site shows the below logo (GIF File), when accessed from Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Google Logo when accessed from IE/Firefox Browser

Any specific reason for this difference???

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Excel 2010 Beta – File Save Bug

25-December-2009 Leave a comment

Today, while saving a New Excel Worksheet in Microsoft Excel 2010 Beta, I received the following message:

Unable to save file under a directory with special characters

I was trying to save this file under folder “C:\MyWebsite[Dev]”, which contained special characters “[]“.

To further confirm the bug, I tried to create a New Excel Worksheet from Windows Explorer (using Right Click -> New -> Microsoft Excel Worksheet). Using this method, the file got created successfully. I could even open it (double click), modify it and save it in Excel 2010.

This problem is only appearing while creating a New file in Excel. I have not seen the same behavior in Word 2010.

Does anyone know if this is a real bug or a default behavior of Excel 2010?

Update on 28-Dec-2009:
Further analysis revealed that this issue persists in Excel 2003 too.  Below is the screen shot from Excel 2003 (SP3).

Same issue exists in Excel 2003

Anyone know the reason behind this design?

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Win7 Shutdown Button disappeared!

21-November-2009 Leave a comment

I faced two weird minor issues on my Win7 (x64) Trial Copy temporarily. Here is the first one.  When clicked on Start, the Shutdown button was missing.  At this point of time, I could see Shutdown option when I pressed Ctrl+Alt+Del.  After trying the Log Off and relogin, I could get my Shutdown button back.

Shutdown Button is Available

Shutdown Button is Missing

Whats the mystery behind this!

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