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Microsoft bags Business Intelligence top ranking from Gartner

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Business Objects, Cognos, and Microsoft were placed among the leaders in Gartner’s just-released Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms, 2008. But the research firm placed Microsoft above the other two in its ability to execute, including the competitiveness and success of its BI goods and services, its viability and investment in BI, and the execution of its sales and pricing. In last year’s BI platform report, Gartner put Microsoft in the challenger quadrant.


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Blu-Ray to replace HD-DVD

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Toshiba has made it official by announcing that they will be discontinuing their HD DVD business. With Warner’s recent departure from HD DVD as the first strong blow to the format in January, followed by a quick jab from Best Buy early last week and a one-two combination by Netflix and Wal-Mart later that week, Toshiba has conceded that HD DVD is not going to prevail.

HD DVD was developed to offer consumers access at an affordable price to high-quality, high definition content and prepare them for the digital convergence of tomorrow where the fusion of consumer electronics and IT will continue to progress.

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Internet Party Video with Google, MySpace, FaceBook, eBay, Amazon and more…

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Check this interesting piece of video starring all the websites… The characters speak about their websites.

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Microsoft bid for Yahoo! for $44.6 billion

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If this bid becomes success, then it can become one of the largest technology merger and this can become a big threat to Google.

Yahoo Inc, on Friday acknowledged the receipt of an unsolicited acquisition proposal from Microsoft Corp. and said its board plans to ‘carefully and promptly’ evaluate the offer.

Microsoft’s proposal would allow Yahoo shareholders to elect to receive cash or a fixed number of Microsoft common shares, with the total consideration payable to Yahoo shareholders consisting of one-half cash and one-half Microsoft common stock.

Microsoft and Yahoo are estimated to have about 10,000 employees in India, collectively. With Microsoft today making a 44.6 billion dollar takeover bid for acquiring worldwide operations of Yahoo, it could not be immediately ascertained, what would be the impact of such a deal on India operations of the two companies, including on the job front.

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Brahmin’s Coffee Bar – Best Idly & Chutney in Bangalore

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Brahmin’s Coffee bar is THE place to go for the Best Idly’s & Chutney. They make very delicious green chutney, which goes well with both idly and khara bhaat.

If you are in Bangalore and like to explore for good eat-outs, then please visit this small restaurant, which is open from 6am to 12pm and 3pm to 7pm (Sunday Holiday).

There are very few limited item’s available, but they maintain the same good taste & quality.

Idly – Rs.10
Vada – Rs.9
Kesri Bhaat – Rs.9
Khara Bhaat – Rs.9
Tea/Coffee/Milk – Rs.7

You can refill the green chutney multiple times. This place is located near to Bull Temple Road (less than 1 KM from Ramkrishna Ashram). While coming from Bull Temple, take the right turn at Shanti Sagar junction. Click here for the map. Let me warn the Saambaar fans that you don’t get any Saambaar at this place. So you only need to Go for Green chutney!
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