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Gmail Labs – Latest Experience by Google

8-June-2008 Leave a comment

Google is inviting Gmail users to participate in the testing of new features for the free messaging service. The idea behind Labs is that any engineer can go to lunch, come up with a cool idea, code it up, and ship it as a Labs feature. To tens of millions of users. No design reviews, no product analysis, and to be honest, not that much testing. Some of the Labs features will occasionally break. The 13 features include: Quick Links, Signature tweaks, Superstars, Pictures in Gchat, Hide unread count, Custom keyboard shortcuts, Mouse gestures, Random signatures, Custom date format, Muzzle, Snake game, Email addict and Fixed-width fonts. Gmail Labs was created out of the desire to get more features to users faster. Google did something similar last October when it launched Google Enterprise Labs to hasten the availability of search innovations for Google’s business customers. Labs is now out to all English users (US and UK), and administrators using Google Apps can choose to enable Labs by checking the “Turn on new features” box in Domain Settings.
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