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DB2 UDB – Truncate Tables

8-November-2006 1 comment

DB2 – Equivalent to SQL Server/Oracle TRUNCATE command

This technote describes how to delete the contents of a table with minimal logging overhead

Use the LOAD or IMPORT command in REPLACE mode, and import an input file with no rows. This will cause the table to be truncated with very little or no logging overhead.

There are two ways to do this in DB2® Universal Database™ (DB2 UDB). A fast way is perform an IMPORT REPLACE with a delimited file that contains no rows, for example:

import from c:\ixf\rep.del of del replace into testvar

IMPORT is usually the best choice, because it does not lock the table space. If the table has many active pages in the bufferpool, LOAD will be faster, as IMPORT will flush the bufferpool. LOAD must be used if the target table has referential integrity dependencies or summary tables defined on it. In DB2 UDB Version 7 and earlier, LOAD requires exclusive access to the table space. If you plan to use LOAD a lot, put each table that gets LOADed (or uses LOAD to be emptied) in its own table space, or use IMPORT REPLACE.

Note that on UNIX® and Linux® platforms, you can also IMPORT or LOAD from /dev/null

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DB2 Certification in a Nutshell

4-August-2006 Leave a comment

Nice article by Howard Fosdick found at that provides complete details with various helpfull links to go for IBM DB2 Certification.

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ETL solutions for IBM DB2 Universal Database

4-July-2006 Leave a comment

This article focuses on Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) of data for IBM®DB2® Universal Database™ (UDB) (implementations for UNIX®, Linux™, and Windows®) and describes the major options, technologies, and products available from IBM and from other vendors. Author Dan Simchuk gives you details on options useful for obtaining data for large repositories–warehouses, marts, and operational data stores running on single and multiple partition systems. Also, find out about the future of ETL and some approaches to implementing ETL in new ways.

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DB2 Business Intelligence: The Big Picture

4-July-2006 Leave a comment

This article gives you a basic understanding of the DB2 business intelligence story, including information about strategy, technology, and products, such as DB2 Cube Views and DB2 Intelligent Miner.

Here’s a good collection of articles for getting started with DB2 Business Intelligence.

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