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BSNL Launches "Trojan Horse" Schemes!!!

3-May-2009 3 comments
BSNL Launches schemes for Landline, Broadband Users
The Bangalore Telecom District of the BSNL has launched six new schemes for its landline and broadband customers. Among the plans introduced is the Convenience 250 lan with Rs.250 fixed monthly charges and free usage limit of 1GB, the excess usage rate of 90 paise per MB has been reduced to 50 paise. Two other new plans offer EVDO data card and fixed monthly NIC (wireless internet card) at reduced tariff for existing combo orbroadband customers. Two other schemes offfer limited ofer free talktime to existing landline/broaband cusotmers on their existing/new local mobile connections.

Well, this was the News on printed edition of DNA Sunday Page 3. To verify these new schemes, I logged into BSNL Main Portal, but could not see an such new scheme. Immediately, my next step was to verify this news on BSNL Bangalore Portal. As the website was loading, my avast anti-virus came up with these Trojan Horse Alerts:

All these messages indicated me of JS:Redirector-H [Tri] Trojan Horse. As suggested by avast, I immediately clicked on Abort Connection option and choosed to Delete the temporary downloaded file.
I am not sure if this is a common problem for everyone, or there is something wrong only with my PC. Do leave me comments, if you find any Trojan Horse alert on BSNL Bangalore website.

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BSNL Customer Care Initiatives

15-March-2009 Leave a comment

Open House Sessions, Adalat, Help Line Enquiries, Call Centre and Other Important Helplines.

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BSNHell hit me again!

29-October-2008 1 comment
Yes!!! my BSNL Broadband and Phone was not functioning for 9 days. This became a big project for me.
5 days – followup on phone – None of the BSNL team was able to answer my phone.
2 days – Physical followup – Visit BSNL Office and sit on the head of the concern person. Even reach out the Area Manager to escalate the problem
2 days – Actual time to find the problem and provide me the fix.
There was a problem in cable from the Pole to my House, which was fixed today. Hats off to the BSNHell Customer Support. Hoping to get a Rebate of 9 days in my next bill.
Meanwhile, during the BSNHell period, I tried something new. My spice mobile phone provided me Internet Access through GPRS for Rs.24/day. More experiences on my GPRS internet access in my next post…
Wishing all of you a Belated Happy Diwali 2008 🙂
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BSNL – 100 mbps DataOne Broadband in next 2.5 years

28-November-2007 Leave a comment

WOOOOOOW! Isn’t that an amazing news. Yes, there is some fact in this story. The same was conveyed in Economic Times dt. 19-Nov-2007.

“BSNL is also working on a project to offer at least 100 mbps of broadband speed for all. Currently, it is about 2 mbps. This will be done in stages where in the first stage fibre lines to the nodes will be converted to fibre optics. In the second stage, the plan is to offer fibre to premises and this will allow 100 mbps. We hope to achieve this in the next two and half years.”

For complete news, please visit this link.

The question remains same:
1) Is this gonna really happen?
2) What will be the tarrif?
3) Will there be Unlimited Download plan with better speed (other than the current 256kbps)?
4) How frequently will BSNL upgrade their tariff? Its been more than 1 year, since I can see any change in the tariff. After the 2mbps plan, BSNL has still left the Unlimited Downloads plan to 256kbps. Will they atleast consider to increase the speed to 512kbps for Unlimited downloads?
5) The night time unlimited download plan (2am to 8am) still holds good for Night Watchmans. A common man can benefit night time unlimited downloads only by drinking lots of Tea during midnight!!!

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Sick Gift from BSNL DataONE

29-December-2006 Leave a comment

I am very Sad to write this blog. BSNL did an upgrade of all Tariffs (Except Unlimited Plan) from 256kbps to 2mpbs.

There is no change in the Unlimited Tariff. I would have been happy if BSNL would have increased the Unlimited Plan from 256kbps to 512kbps or 1mpbs. But they have made a very bad decision in their New Tarrif.

The New Tariff is available on BSNL Website here.

I want to warn the User’s who are driving in High Speed with Limited Downloads! Please keep checking your usage regularly. With the 2mbps link, you may end up downloading more data in less time 🙂 And Happy Surfing. This is a real gift for year 2007 for the customers who have limited usage.

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BSNL’s Broadband 2 mbps BOMB!

16-December-2006 Leave a comment

The state-owned BSNL will offer high speeds of up to 2 mbps broadband connectivity to its existing subscribers who were till now getting the connection at 256 kbps, announced communication and IT minister Dayanidhi Maran at India Telecom 2006. BSNL would offer high-speed internet broadband at the existing price. “It is now for the private operators to match it or beat it”

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Goodbye 256 kbps – Net downloads to get faster (India)

10-December-2006 Leave a comment

Come January, Indian consumers will be treated to very high speeds of internet downloads with unlimited broadband being made available to them, promises the Union Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Mr Dayanidhi Maran. “Goodbye 256 kb,” he said on Monday, on the sidelines of a meeting here.

Source: Hindu

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