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LPG Gas Cylinder’s Expiry Date

22-March-2007 Leave a comment

Do you know that the LPG cylinder’s have expiry date? Here is how we can check the expiry of LPG cylinders:

On one of three side stems of the cylinder, the expiry date is coded alpha-numerically as follows:

A/B/C/D and two digit number.

Example: C06

The alphabets stand for quarters –
A for March (First Quarter),
B for June (Second Quarter),
C for September (Third Quarter),
D for December (Fourth Quarter).
The digits stand for the year till it is valid.

In the above example, C06 would mean September Quarter of 2006.

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Puzzles on my SMS :-)

21-March-2007 2 comments

Its been while, since I did some New Posts in my blog. I have a very simple excuse to the whole world – “I was busy” 🙂

In this post, I will post some of the interesting Puzzles that I received as SMS. These are really a great timepass and learning… Here, the list goes…

1) I am a 10 letter word. My 1234 has ‘power to rule’. You eat my 5678. My 89&10 means ‘of a lady’. I can fly. What am I?

2)I am a word of 5 letters, people eat me. If you remove my 1st letter, I will be form of energy. If you remove my 1st 2 letters I will be needed for living. If u remove my 1st 3 letters I will be near u. If u remove my 1st 4 letters I will be a drink 4 u… Who am I?

3) I am 7 letters long – 1234567. My 123 is a vehicle. My 2345 was a pop group. My 456 is a piece of luggage. My 567 changes every year. What am I?

4) It’s a 9 letter word. 123456789. If it fails u will die. If u have 234, u can 1234. 56 is a type of disease. 89 indicates exact location & time. Whats the answer?

5)I will give you 5 zeroes 0,0,0,0,0 Use any mathematical operation but the answer should be equal to 120. Whats the answer?

6) I am a 5 letter word. If my 1st letter is removed I am a country. If my 1st 2 letters r removed, I am the opposite of 5 letter word. Who am I?

7) I am a 7 letter word. It is above God, it is impossible to God. If you eat this, you will die. Who am I?

Thanks to the SMS Senders 🙂

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Gmail doesn’t recognize dots (.)

6-March-2007 Leave a comment

Do you know that in GMail, the and both are same?

Yes, thats true. Gmail doesn’t recognize dots (.) as characters within a username. This way, you can add and remove dots to your username for desired address variations. messages sent to and are delivered to the same inbox, since the characters in the username are the same.

Keep in mind that hyphens (-) and underscores (_) can’t be used in a Gmail address. Also, usernames are case insensitive, so it doesn’t matter if you enter upper case or lower case letters.

I came to know about the above recently when I saw some mails in my Spam Folder, which didn’t had the dot (.) in my eMail address.

This is what Google has to say about it.

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