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Excel 2010 Beta – File Save Bug

25-December-2009 Leave a comment

Today, while saving a New Excel Worksheet in Microsoft Excel 2010 Beta, I received the following message:

Unable to save file under a directory with special characters

I was trying to save this file under folder “C:\MyWebsite[Dev]”, which contained special characters “[]“.

To further confirm the bug, I tried to create a New Excel Worksheet from Windows Explorer (using Right Click -> New -> Microsoft Excel Worksheet). Using this method, the file got created successfully. I could even open it (double click), modify it and save it in Excel 2010.

This problem is only appearing while creating a New file in Excel. I have not seen the same behavior in Word 2010.

Does anyone know if this is a real bug or a default behavior of Excel 2010?

Update on 28-Dec-2009:
Further analysis revealed that this issue persists in Excel 2003 too.  Below is the screen shot from Excel 2003 (SP3).

Same issue exists in Excel 2003

Anyone know the reason behind this design?

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