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Windows 7 Devices – Aal is whell

To experiment the Driver support in Windows 7 x64, I connected all possible devices at home on my AMD PC.

Windows 7 x64 - Fully Loaded with all my Devices. Behind 5 US... on Twitpic

My Devices in Windows 7 (64-Bit)

Overall all device installation went smooth, with few observations:

1) HTC Viva failed for the first time.  To fix this, I ran Check Updates manually, which installed the x64 Windows Mobile drivers.

2) Nokia 3110c installation went well, but it shows a number of devices under the Unspecified category. This reason is yet “unknown” for me.

3) The amazing part was my old Sony DCR-TRV340, which got installed within 5 seconds.  It didn’t even tried to contact Windows Updates.  This device required a separate Driver CD earlier in Windows XP.  With Windows 7 in-built Windows Video Capture program, I am able to record my Hi-8 videos without any issue. FYI –  this is hooked to Firewire(IEEE 1394) port.

4) I had purchased a Bluetooth USB Adapter (Make – “ENTER”) from Staples last year.  This device came with Trial Version of its Drivers, which troubled me a lot on Windows XP.  This device too got installed without any issues.

5) My old UMAX-5600 USB Scanner could not be installed due to unavailability of its drivers. Has anyone used this device on Windows 7?

Bottomline: Now onwards, there is no need to maintain the Driver CD’s of my Devices

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