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BSNHell hit me again!

Yes!!! my BSNL Broadband and Phone was not functioning for 9 days. This became a big project for me.
5 days – followup on phone – None of the BSNL team was able to answer my phone.
2 days – Physical followup – Visit BSNL Office and sit on the head of the concern person. Even reach out the Area Manager to escalate the problem
2 days – Actual time to find the problem and provide me the fix.
There was a problem in cable from the Pole to my House, which was fixed today. Hats off to the BSNHell Customer Support. Hoping to get a Rebate of 9 days in my next bill.
Meanwhile, during the BSNHell period, I tried something new. My spice mobile phone provided me Internet Access through GPRS for Rs.24/day. More experiences on my GPRS internet access in my next post…
Wishing all of you a Belated Happy Diwali 2008 🙂
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  1. deepa
    23-December-2008 at 6:54 AM

    ohhh u used spice gprs……….u dint tell me this 🙂

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