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GTalk – Unable to Send Files

Recently, while trying to Send Files using GTalk, I received the following Error Message: “You cannot send files because User Name is using chat in Gmail or is using another chat program“.
Below screenshot is after fixing the Send Files problem with Sanal Kumar. You can make out the same using the disabled color Send Files button in the fore-ground window.

Google search revealed similar problems being reported, but without any results. Some of the links, directed to the Official Google Help which mentioned that “Voice calls and file transfers are only available between users signed in to the Google Talk client.”

In my case, what surpised is that I was not able to sent files to my friend Sanal, whereas he was able to send the files to me without any problem. He hinted me that he was using the chat earlier from Gmail browser and later he switched on GTalk client. This hinted us to try relogging into GTalk. Sanal closed GMail chat and also GTalk client and relogged-in to GTalk client. We tried the Send Files, but there was no success. We even suspected that this might be some issue with Firewall, but there was no such information on Google Help website.

Now, the only last option was for me to close GTalk and restart. Surprising, this helped resolving the problem! Isn’t it really strange that even though I didn’t use Gmail chat, but my initial chat session with Sanal was created using his GMail chat. Hence, I had to restart my GTalk client once again!!! Hope someone from GTalk team would see this post and write some justification comments.
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  1. sanju
    16-October-2008 at 11:50 AM

    Well, even i faced the same problem….But since it’s very rare, it can be managed…By the way, your blog is really good. Keep the good work going. Cheers!

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