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WinAmp 5.5 – 10th Anniversary Edition

Today at 10:00 AM EST, Nullsoft and AOL released the latest version of Winamp. The timing of the 5.5 release was deliberately chosen (10/10, 10:00) to commemorate the software’s tenth year as a leading media player.

Packed with new features, the latest edition of Winamp is available now. Download Winamp 5.5: The 10th Anniversary Edition and take the all new leading multimedia player for a ride.Here’s a sampling of some of the great Winamp features:

  • A completely redesigned interface, including Album Art
  • Multiple device support, including Apple iPods
  • Access and Share your Music and Videos with Winamp Remote
  • Play and Playlist the Best Music on the Web with Media Monitor
  • Enjoy Dynamic Song Recommendations
  • Experience MP3 Surround Sound Support
  • Access to Thousands of Online Radio Stations, Videos and More!
  • 50 Free MP3 Music downloads compliments of eMusic’s 2-week Trial
  • Auto-Tagger provides automatic updates to file information
  • Control Winamp from your browser with a the Winamp Toolbar

WinAmp is one of the most popular and freely available MP3 player. I have been using WinAmp since the day I started listening to MP3 music since 1999. The MP3 file format has almost replaced the existing Audio Tapes/CD’s. All the home audio-video gadgets now come with MP3 support. The Winamp music player was once a simple, compact application. Now it has grown into a full-featured media player with more features, configuration options and music acquisition methods than those offered by iTunes or Windows Media Player.

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