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SQL Server 2005 and the Upgrade Path from MCDBA

Got chance to attend this Live Meeting today online, but unfortunately I could not listen to the audio because I was busy on Phone Line 🙂 Anyways! I am sharing the Q&A that was available at the end of the session. Here I go:

Question: Have you started?
Answer: Yes – you should be hearing the presenter – Try going to the Audio menu and select – “Listen to Internet Audio Broadcast” or you can also call in – If you are unable to connect to the audio through the Internet Audio Broadcast, you can dial in to the audio over a traditional telephony line: US/Canada: (800) 995-0025, International: (503) 295-8000 PIN: 7674
Question: Is there any way i can copy the text from the meeting?
Answer: You can print to PDF and any time – go to the file menu and select print to pdf.
Question: Print to PDF appears greyed out. Remotely enabled?
Answer: It should work now.
Question: How can I subscribe to the MCP newsletter?
Answer: http://www.microsoft.com/learning/newsletters/default.mspx
Question: Are 70-445 and 70-446 exams live yet?, if not when is the beta period?
Answer: Both 445 and 446 have completed their beta cycle. Both will go live on 3/2/07.
Question: What is the cost of each exam?
Answer: All Microsoft Certification Exams are $125 USD. The prices vary from country to country depending on exchange rates.
Question: Will the MCDBA cert still be offered moving forward?
Answer: No. The MCDBA cert title will not be used for SQL 2005 or any future SQL releases. It will remain the current cert for SQL 2000.
Question: I don´t have MCDBA certification, can I make 70-447 exam ?
Answer: No. If you do not have a MCDBA and take 447 you will receive no cert credit. It will remain on your transcript and if/when you pass 431 and earn your MCDBA, you will then receive the MCITP-Database Administrator credential.
Question: Is the MCDBA upgrade path for 7.0 MCDBAs and 2000 MCDBAs?
Answer: Only MCDBAs on SQL 2000.
Question: when will we have the resuts of the 70-446 beta exams
Answer: Beta results for 445 and 446 will be made public in early February 2007.
Question: Are there any official records on how many MCITP Database Developer/Admiistrators exist so far?
Answer: About 1500 MCITP: DBA and about 500 MCITP: Database Developers. Not many!
Question: MCITPDBA – what a mouth full
Answer: Agreed. The new logo builder tool allows you to present the logo in a number of more meaningful ways.
Question: Since Database Developer is an ‘offshoot’ of the original MCDBA, will there eventually be an upgrade path for an MCDBA?
Answer: Probably not – at this point we are not planning any additional upgrade options.
Question: When will 70-445 and 70-446 be available?
Answer: Both go live 3/2/07.
Question: I’m not interested in being a MCDBA, but I would like to know if I take SQL will it count as an option to MCSA
Answer: Yes…the SQL TS Exams 431 and 445 count as electives for MCSA and MCSE.
Question: Will we see sims in the 70-444 exam this year?
Answer: Not this year but likely next year.
Question: if i take 70-229 will I still achive MCDBA and then be able to upgrade or should i just start over with 2005 exams
Answer: The MCDBA track requires 4 exams – 2 SQL 2000 exams, a Window Server 2003 exam, and an elective exam. If you don’t plan on completing the MCDBA track, I would recommend that you simply start with the SQL 2005 exams.
Question: I have passed all except one exam for MCDBA – the server exam. Since I have all the SQL exams taken, can I do the upgrade path, or must I have the MCDBA cert first?
Answer: You need the completed MCDBA credential to use the upgrade path.
Question: I missed it… how many people are currently a MCDBA 2000?
Answer: Over 150,000 folks are MCDBA on SQL 2000.
Question: how long will the MCDBA exams for 2000 continue to be offered
Answer: For at least another 2-3 years.
Question: Will 70-431 have simulations?
Answer: Yes…431 just re-released in English with simulations. The localized versions will start appearing around the world in MArch/April.
Question: Will the Database admin Cert expire?
Answer: not MCDBA; MCITP: DBA will need recertification exam every 3 years or so.
Question: What About Upgrading your Certification from MCDBA 2000 to 2005 ?
Answer: Two exams: 431 and 447; both are required to upgrade.
Question: In Market all talk about SAP and Sibel ….wondering Business Intelligence Developing provide ERP solution
Answer: did that help?
Question: Any set date to expire the MCDBA exams?
Answer: http://www.microsoft.com/learning/newsletters/default.mspx
Question: For the 70-431 exam, the Microsoft web site recommends courses/collections 2778, 2779, and 2780. Is there a recommended order? The first/lowest numbered 2778 (“Writing Queries Using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Transact-SQL (18-hour series)”) doesn’t seem like introductory material.
Answer: Yes. The numbers are ‘in order’. 2778 is similar to the core SQL 2000 course. But, no, it is not an “introductory course” you’re right!
Question: how about cost of courses and training materials for these new courses?
Answer: about 300 per day (US) for a course… depends on subject/provider/length, etc. E-learning can range from $150 to $300 US.
Question: Are there any Modl providers in UK?
Answer: There will be, I’m sure. To see if there are now, please visit blogs.msdn.com/trika to see the list of providers again!
Question: How can I test myself using MeasureUp? Does it test using real questions from TS/MCP exam? Do I pay for one MeasureUp test or is the fee for a specific period access? How much does MeasureUp will cost me ?
Answer: Hi – on this page you’ll find a link to the practice test provider offer… http://blogs.msdn.com/trika/archive/2007/01/23/e-learning-practice-test-offers-to-help-mcdbas-earn-sql-server-2005-certifications.aspx
Question: are there going to be exam simulations in MeasureUp and SelfTest?
Answer: I’m not sure – pls check with the providers. THey are partners so I dont have all the info! Here is the link to the link to the Measure up offer… http://blogs.msdn.com/trika/archive/2007/01/23/e-learning-practice-test-offers-to-help-mcdbas-earn-sql-server-2005-certifications.aspx
Question: trika, can you post this Q&A in your blog, please?
Answer: i will… but it will take me a few days to get it organized. Sound OK?
Question: Does Microsoft plan to give vouchers for exam 431 or 441-444?
Answer: no!
Question: yes; do you have a directory where or which partners provide the courses and which are available for e-learning; I would assume your website?
Answer: http://www.microsoftelearning.com
Question: will there be any discounts for MCDBA 2005 if I have MCSE
Answer: no, there is no connection between MCSE and the new certifications for SQL 2005 as far as upgrade paths.
Question: Thanks for the explanation of the ordering. I’m interested in e-Learning or maybe even MODL. 2778 is an e-learning collection. Is there a 2779 and 2780 collection, instead of just classroom training?
Answer: can you send your question to me trikah@microsoft.com and i’ll get an answer? Thanks!
Question: do you have any idea for prevention passing exams by testking or somthing like this?
Answer: wow, that’s a hard one! one thing we do is to make it clear to customers (and we rely on certified customers to help us with this…) that testking or others are NOT acceptable ways to prepare. Also, we are in the middle of a lawsuit with Test King right now; we hope to go to trial within a year to stop this type of thing. But it is a difficult issue. we’d love to hear ideas.
Question: How much additional preparation is needed after taking a MOC course or going through a MS Press Study guide before being able to take any of the SQL exams?
Answer: did you get an answer you needed?
Question: Is 70-431 for 2005 the equivalent of what 70-228 was for 2000? Does is cover a similar amount of material with a similar level of difficulty?
Answer: can you send your question to me trikah@microsoft.com and i’ll get rob to answer? Thanks!
Question: average of pay of the market for certificates? average of pay of the market for certificates?
Answer: Hmmm. We do have some information like that — I think MCPMag does a survey each year, but Microsoft itself does not have data on this. I’d recommend trying http://www.mcpmag.com and look up their SALARY SURVEY. Does that help?
Question: Very goog, thank you…
Answer: youre welcome!!!

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