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WWW celebrates its 15th birthday today

Extract from Times Of India, Bangalore – 06-Aug-2006

WWW had come a long way – See its history

06-Aug-1991 – Tim Berners-Lee founds World Wide Web
12-Dec-1991 – First web server founded
22-Apr-1993 – Mosaic, the first web browser, released
Feb-1994 – Two students start Yahoo to offer a directory of other websites
13-Oct-1994 – Netscape browser launched
01-Jul-1995 – Amazon starts as an online book store
24-Aug-1995 – Internet Explorer is offered with Microsoft Windows 95
04-Sep-1995 – eBay starts operations as Auctionweb
04-Jul-1996 – HoTMaiL launched on US Independence Day
Sep-1998 – Two students start Google at a garage in California
May 1999 – Napster started to share music files
04-Sep-2001 – Google awarded patent for its search algorithm
05-Feb-2004 – Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” becomes the most searchable image in the web history 😉
19-Aug-2004 – Google goes public with an IPO
Jul-2004 – Tim Berners-Lee is knighted
TODAY – There are over 9 crore websites

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