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Identify Sun Solaris Version

Determining the version of Solaris that you are running is important, especially when installing software packages, operating system patches and any other applications.

I had to get this information before installing the Cognos software. After a quick search on Google, I found the information below:

UNAME command – The uname command can be used to retrieve the OS version. It has following options:

uname -a = returns Basic Information
uname -i = returns Hardware Implementation
uname -m = returns Machine Hardware Name
uname -n = returns Nodename/Hostname
uname -v = returns OS Version
uname -r = returns OS Release Level

Solaris is the new marketing name of the Sun OS. Hence, both of these have different version numbers. Solaris 9 is also known as Sun OS 5.9.

A very good detailed information (including the Solaris and SunOS Version number mapping) can be found at Wikipedia link.

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