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Windows Live Messenger (a.k.a MSN Msgr 8)

In case you didn’t already know, the next MSN Messenger is going to be called “Windows Live Messenger”. I recently got chance to download and install it. The setup file size has now grown to 13.5MB. The build I installed is 8.0.0566.

It is so far away from the previous versions. The looks is totally new, letting you customize it a whole lot. The color of the top header you see in the image, can be customized, so can a lot of other things. One of the features I love the most is the fact that you can rename your contacts. This can be done by providing a Nickname to the contact. You can also enter in other information for each contact, like additional phone numbers, addresses and notes. There are also other features like folder sharing which obviously lets you share folders with your contacts and also a live search that lets you search through your contacts live without hitting a submit button, offline messages, a contact list that can hold 600 contacts, the ability to have conversations while appearing offline and much more. This is the cool feature which was available in Yahoo Msgr and missing in MSN from long time.

I am adding few screenshots for reference:

1) Offline Messaging welcome and alert screens:

2) Online window snapshot – ofcourse I have hidden my contacts 😉

Overall very cool, but there might be few bugs in the Beta release. It (Application only) already crashed once on my PC the same I installed it. But overall, I am impressed with its new UI and features. I even tried it installed the MSN8 Beta on Vista 2006 Beta 2. It worked well on both WinXP-SP2 and Vista Beta 2.

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