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At Bangalore – Got Punchure / Got Flat Tyre? – Call in : +91-98457-64439

Most of us commute to & fro to office & especially for the ones who use their own transportation this is one big reason for you guys to smile.

An agency who are providing puncture or repair service round the clock (24 *7 ) anywhere within 50 kms radius of Bangalore. You just need to give them a call and they will land at the place where your vehicle has broken down to repair or whatever the case maybe. Just tell them your address and the problem of your vehicle. So for the ones in night shifts here is a big relief.

Charges : Service charge + 35 additional anywhere in Bangalore city.(50 kms)

Call in : +91-98457-64439

Update on 27-Mar-2007

I personally used this service and found it decent. The company name is Metro eServices and its located near Trinty Circle (M.G.Road). The only problem I found is that they said they will come in 15 minutes to the spot, but they arrived after 1 hour. Thanks to Bangalore Traffic. So plan your timings before giving them a ring. The charge taken was Rs.25 for fixing the tube and Rs.35 for their Transportation.

Update on 02-Jan-2008
Welcome 2008 and once again, I was the victim of a nail which pierced my rear tyre and then everybody knows the end results! But this time, it was a bad timings. The event occurred at 8:30pm between the Hosur Road and I tried searching for a punchure shop near-by. After a quick hunt, I could locate 3 shops – but all closed! So, finally the Metro eServices came to my rescue. Luckily I had transferred their Mobile# 98457-64439 into my new mobile phone. I called them around 9pm and he confirmed his presence would take about 1 hour, since he has to start from M.G.Road. I had to ultimately wait about 1 hour 45 minutes for him to reach the spot. This guy comes like a God, fixes the problem and goes back. I appreciate the pain and effort he takes. Ofcourse, he does charge his service – Rs.50 for his travel, Rs.25 for service and any parts replacement (e.g. – replacment of damanged tube with a New tube). I was also informed through my close friend about another such service called – RescueFirst, but they would require Membership and I have not tried them personally. When I called them today, they refused to come saying that they serve only members. For non-members, it may cost upto Rs.500 per visit. If anyone has tried RescueFirst service, please share your comments.

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  1. Anonymous
    4-October-2008 at 1:59 AM

    hey guyz…forget abt all this unorganized ppl…thers professional help for us now…visit http://www.rescuefirst.comenrolled with them tru my co (they ve tied up with my co:sasken)used the service once…i m impressed..very professional…call them at 080 32919122

  2. Anonymous
    28-May-2009 at 9:46 AM

    RESCUE is truly amazing.. they charge Rs. 444 for a yearly membership fee.. that covers any kind of car breakdown, towing in case required and a host of other services. They have an average reach time of 25 Mins. Its awesome.. And yeah, If You call them on the spot without a membership then you have to purchase a yearly membership for their services. They charge a yearly membership of around Rs. 520in case of such on the spot calls.. So it makes sense to go ahead and become a RESCUE member immediately, Just like I did.

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    27-June-2009 at 3:32 PM

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  4. Anonymous
    6-August-2009 at 4:56 PM

    Metro Tyre service is pathetic. they hardly ever come on time. They are understaffed – the guy who does the repair also handles incoming calls. You will be given a time and chances are he would not show up – he even stops taking calls once he identifies your number. So not reliable during an emergency and even otherwise – its better to make some alternate arrangements.

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